Comodo antivirus windows 10 review

comodo antivirus windows 10 review

The current test Comodo Internet Security Premium 11 for Windows 10 () from February of AV-TEST, the leading international and independent. We see almost identical performance between the tests I conducted and the independent tests completed by others. It is clear that Comodo. Three years and three version later, Comodo Antivirus results became significantly better. On 30 January , Rubenking reviewed Comodo Internet Security CISCO IPS SOFTWARE VERSION 7 0 Comodo antivirus windows 10 review anydesk active directory integration


Comodo Secure Shopping provides unbeatable security for online banking and shopping sessions by running your favorite browser inside a security-hardened virtual environment which is isolated from the rest of your computer. This creates a threat resistant tunnel between you and your target website which cannot be attacked by other processes running on your computer.

Secure Shopping also features memory-scraping prevention, remote takeover protection and independent SSL certificate authentication to deliver the next-generation of security for online transactions. For technical product questions visit our Support Home Page click on the "Submit a Ticket" link and select "Internet Security Support" from the dropdown menu and submit.

Check out our Online Help Guide for tips on how to use and configure our products and for detailed technical information. Go to the Help Guide. Our Forum is populated with fellow Comodo users and developers alike and can quite often be the quickest and friendliest way to find answers to questions that you have.

Read the Forum. Antivirus for Linux. Malware Removal. Antivirus for MAC. What Does a Firewall Do. No Thanks, I just have 1 PC. Home Free Antivirus Software Online shopping protection. Stop unknown files running on your computer. Easy to setup and use. Is your Free Antivirus Download real time protection lite doing a great job for you? Cloud-based scanning delivers superior protection against the very latest threats Intelligent free virus protection software automatically sandboxes unknown and suspicious files Easy to use interface lets you install and forget.

Isolation of all suspicious files eliminates the chance of PC contamination Constantly updated with the latest virus signatures. User Reviews. Write a Review. Bertha E. Katelyn R. Linda E. Glenn E. Robert M. What is "quarantine protection"? Will programs run OK in the Sandbox? Is it free for business users too? So why should I use this Antivirus?

What do you mean by 'personalized protection'? Do you offer any upgrades? Do programs stay in the Sandbox forever? How does the free Antivirus protection work? About the Author Sophie Anderson has spent the last 10 years working as a software engineer for some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley. Share this Review 0. Check the top 3 alternative antivirus programs 9.

Comodo User Reviews 32 Show first. English German 5. French 5. Italian 5. Polish 4. Russian 4. Arabic 2. Czech 1. Greek 1. Spanish 1. You can trust the Community! Companies can't ask us to delete or change user reviews. Rick Hull. Was it helpful? I have been using Comodo for 10 yrs i think recommended to our Tafe computer network and server class lecturers and used on ancient systems slow laptops that salvaged after 15 yrs sitting on shelf a extra stick ram a ssd drive not fast but did it for those of us no money lol and on the win 10 enterprise system i managed to score from a retiring lecturer so never had a problem with its software and if cast back to Norton years ago you basically had to pay for removal tool or format your machine and as a disability pension not allow for lots flash software this was always the bonus for me free security suite and if helping mates out i always slip this in as its is free and no trouble at all to remove never thought it actually sneakily loads i Visit Comodo Reply Share.

Tom F. Comodo Automatic-Containment, in a league of it's own. Comodo's Automatic-Containment technology is by far superior to anything else on the market. You guys rock, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company! Worse to deal with then any Virus. Well where to start?

I mean the 80s where great for playing PC games and such Sooo based on this would I recommend it? Hell no Justin Bonifacino David. Hi David, I'm sorry to see the not-so-great review and the sub-bar experience that you recently had with Comodo Internet Security.

Have you tried to contact Comodo support for assistance? There are many factors that likely Show More led to performance-related issues including not having the proper minimum system requirements, another conflicting security software installed, not having the proper settings, and many others. Comodo is garbage. I have a super slow laptop with windows 7 installed and i tought "i am gonna try comodo" and that was a big mistake, i let comodo do a scan and I uinistalled it immediately and i am never going to install it again.

Justin Bonifacino S. Hi, I'm sorry to see that you did not have a great experience with our software. I noticed that you are an "Android user" under your review but it says that you installed our security on a Windows 7 machine. It's very likely Show More that your installation or security settings are user-error based and our support would be happy to address.

Dont install comodo please. Please Dont install this fucking software Now let me tell what technique they use Bob Michael. What a lot of apsolute shit. Ive been using this software for over 20 years now with zero issues and not nagging software asking me to upgrade. Bare in mind that if you have other software on your pc that does not play nicely with Show More comodo, thats more lickly your issues, or you alowed a virus into your pc.

Telling others that comodo is bad is soo misleading. This Comodo is solid and probally even the best out there. The antivirus program by comodo may not be as good in detection rate compaired to other, but the firewall isolate any program that is dodgy, turniates it and sandboxes it before it damages your pc, so I don't know want your rant is all about. Justin Bonifacino Michael. Hi Michael, I'm sorry to see your experience was not a positive outcome in using our testing our security.

Much like other reviews, it seems as though your issues are entirely based on user-error. In reaching out to and worki As for your pre-infected device, Comodo cannot guarantee that we can clean up a machine that's infected before our software is installed. For example, if your hard drive is encrypted before our software is installed, how is that our responsibility?

No one can reverse the changes of an encrypted hard drive unless they have decryption keys. That's like hiring guards to protect your house after the robbers have broken in and stolen everything and blaming the guards for not stopping a previous attack.

Contact support if you need further assistance and please keep the reviews professional, use of profanity in a software review is highly irresponsible, children could be reading these reviews.

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Comodo FREE Antivirus Test \u0026 Review 2019 - Antivirus Security Review

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comodo antivirus windows 10 review

Including plenty of powerful protection tools, however it takes some time, knowledge and experience to get it all working.

Comodo antivirus windows 10 review Comodo Security provides a ton of advanced features that techies will appreciate. However, the company does indicate that it will make 'major changes' for upcoming version The online help option, accessed from the icon in the interface, was much more helpful than the chat or forum. Became official on 26 March It also protects you from suspicious files, websites and phishing emails. Furthermore, the Comodo Killswitch gives you a detailed breakdown of active processes, including Windows services.
Teamviewer 10 apk Reubenking gave it a score 4. Rather this service is meant for safe internet surfing by protecting your connection. Is Comodo a firewall? Comodo can also scan specific files and folders, or alternatively the other option is to devise multiple custom scans for carrying out your instructions. March 01, Awards. Yes, indeed. We noticed that, too.
Comodo antivirus windows 10 review Auto Containment lets you run processes inside the program to isolate them from the rest of your system. Visit Comodo Antivirus. Versatile Scanning Options Once you install Comodo antivirus software, the program will automatically update its virus definitions. Comodo TrustConnect provides users with a way to secure their data when browsing the internet from an unsafe connection, thus encrypting their connection and masking their IP addresses. Note that you must install the extension to make sure that phishing protection is enabled.

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