Whats the word thunderbird commercial

whats the word thunderbird commercial

The explanation: This joke is a reference to a famous ad campaign for notoriously noxious “bum wine” Thunderbird, which is known as “The. Ernest Gallo told and re-told a story about driving through Atlanta and spotting a man drinking on the sidewalk. “What's the word?” Gallo called out. The. Thunderbird Wine: ‎"What's the word? Thunderbird! What's the price? Fifty twice! What's the reason? Grapes in season! Who drinks the most? GOOGLE CALENDAR THUNDERBIRD LIGHTNING

Good and cold. What's the jive? Bird's alive. What's the price? Thirty twice. That's just sixty cents, ladies and gentlemen. Now for those of you still asking, 'What the hell is Thunderbird? It's a low-end, fortified wine. Also known as a blockparty breakup, a poverty punch, or a gutter punk champagne. A cheap n' grubby beverage, which, despite possessing a translucent 'white wine' hue, is known to turn the mouth a tenebrous, inky black.

Over here we have James Mason. His deep, velvety voice has delivered exquistely-worded put-downs to co-stars as disparate as Charles Bronson, Cary Grant, and Marlon Brando. A class act if there ever was one. James Mason begins with a moment of hesitation You can see it in his nervous eyes and his stiff demeanor.

He knows exactly what he's about to endorse. In fact, he may have grown that seedy moustache expressly for the occasion. He's come to grips with the sacrifices that must be made in the name of earning a living, yet still he finds it difficult to maintain eye contact with the viewer.

He looks downward, using the excuse of a steadier pour. It's an exceptionally good drink for every occasion. He hasn't lied to us yet. Not directly. Perhaps he does like that unusual chemical taste in the same way that some of us enjoy the occasional whiff of gasoline from a passing automobile.

And note that he doesn't say it's an exceptionally good drink per se , he simply finds it well-suited for every occasion, just as I find Drain-O well-suited for every occasion I have to unclog a pipe. Not quite like anything I've ever tasted. He even uses the descriptor 'unusual' once more. He's falling apart. Under that silken neck scarf, he is sweating buckets. You can't tell because he's a pro, but he's never lied to his public before.

He still manages to avoid coming straight out and saying that 'Thunderbird is worth your time and money because it is delicious,' though, which is admirable. I like that sculpture, too. It's really delightful. And James Mason knows it. That's why he toasts us with his tumbler-of-Thunderbird-on-the-rocks-with-lime-garnish as he says it. It's an old magician's trick: sleight of hand, distraction, and visual flourish.

I heard it as:. Thirty twice! Get some chilled! Use colored folks! I have enjoyed the beverage and it was always available chilled in my old neighborhood. My interlocutor was an African-American, a good natured friend and a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. I distinctly remember the rhyme my father once repeated at home in the s he was a white optometrist, long active in promoting civil rights, who worked in the south side of Chicago with many black coworkers and friends.

He said it was told to him with great good humor by one of his black friends: "What's the word? Thunderbird; what's the price? Colored folks; who drinks the less? White folks, I guess. Nonetheless I don't want to add it to the article. A lesser-known country singer named Johnny Darrell had a Top 20 country hit with that song in , a year before Colter recorded it.

Another pop reference would be to the Ian Dury song 'Sweet Gene Vincent' which contains the line, "Shall I mourn your decline with some Thunderbird wine and a black handkerchief? Bob Dylan , in the third episode of the first season of Theme Time Radio Hour , makes the next dialog:.

Whats the flavor? Ask your neighbor! From this article I learn that Thunderbird is " an inexpensive fortified wine brand of E. Gallo Winery in the United States. The rest of it is a lengthy but pointless selection of song lyrics, which must have been easy to write but doesn't tell me why these people wrote about it.

What is the wine like, and what does it mean? How is it made? When was it launched, how popular is it? Where is it sold? What kind of wine is it based on? Why is it a "bum wine" - how expensive are other, presumably less insalubrious, alternatives? Why is it used to insult blacks?

Whats the word thunderbird commercial thunderbird uniform

Good and cold.

Whats the word thunderbird commercial What do you think, sirs? Bob Dylanin the third episode of the first season of Theme Time Radio Hourmakes the next dialog:. It's also possible that the fumes have generated some kind of temporary paralysis. Let her gentle wings soar. Without a doubt. James Mason begins with a moment of hesitation At last, with enough customer input, the Gallo brothers hit on the mixture they were sure would become a big seller.
Whats the word thunderbird commercial Download as PDF Printable version. Nonetheless I don't want to add it to the article. What kind of wine is it based on? A class act if there ever was one. Like this: Like Loading The American Classic. Gallo Winery in the United States.
Whats the word thunderbird commercial Modern Drunkard Magazine. Post a Comment. The locals, though suspicious of these well-dressed white guys offering free drinks, claimed to like the product. Get help. I have enjoyed the beverage and it was always available chilled in my old neighborhood.
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Alcohol Content: Found In: Chester , PA. Tastes like a dreadful white wine. Buzz: 2. Thunderbird is just about as 'hood as you can get, in my opinion. The story is fairly well known, but I'll retell it here for the masses: When prohibition ended, the Gallo brothers Ernest and Julio set about to make a name for themselves in the wine industry. They began marketing Thunderbird to low-income neighborhoods in a bid to become the "Campbell's Soup of the wine industry.

My research is somewhat sketchy The search for Thunderbird led me to the ghetto of Chester , PA. Buying bum wine in this state is just too expensive to be economically feasible for your average urban drunkard. I got home with my bottle of T-Bird and I was anxious to try it, but I restrained myself in favor of super-chilling it first. After a few hours in the freezer, I cracked the twist-cap and took a swing, instantly surprised by what I tasted. It retained a flavor of poorly fermented grapes and, aside from the burning and industrial-strength smell, actually tasted like a really, really, really awful white wine.

It was intensely sugary and presented an aftertaste that fell somewhere between ginger ale and cough syrup. Wanting as many people as I could to indulge in a cultural "experience," I got on the phone and called in the troops. I shared this bottle with my friends the best way I could think of: in lip-cutting tin cups around a fire contained in a fifty-gallon drum.

Some of them noted that the wine reminded them of stuff they'd had in church, reinforcing my fact that the Catholic church cuts costs everywhere it can. I don't think there's any rules written down about what kind of wine needs to be blessed to become Christ's blood, but I like to make boldface claimes with little emperical evidence to support them. Of course, I procured a second bottle in the interest of science and hammered through that one on my own time. It took me about an hour and a half while sitting at my computer watching House to get through the whole thing.

After I polished off the mighty bottle I felt buzzed, but I was twitchy and jittery instead of feeling a heightened sense of reality. A favorite of skid-row drunks. Yes you could drink it, you could get quite drunk and you would most likely get sick and it would taste horrible.

Eau de perfume , colognes and after shaves are usually made with a good percentage of the same alcohol that is in wine or beer or other spirits. Cisco is bottled by the nation's second largest wine company, Canandaigua Wine Co. Known as "liquid crack," for its reputation for wreaking more mental havoc than the cheapest tequila. Tales of Cisco -induced semi-psychotic fits are common.

Mogen David Wine Co. A night train is a train that rides overnight, usually conveying sleeping cars. Its light and fizzy nature was an attempt to capture the youth market and novice drinkers who perhaps did not like the taste of alcohol or wine. Gallo makes Thunderbird. Fifty twice. What does Thunderbird taste like? Category: food and drink non alcoholic beverages. What it is : "The American Classic", Commie!

Also, "Citrus wine with natural flavors and caramel color… Taste -test: Apparently, "American Classic" means a weird, syrupy flavor that's at once bitter and sweet. Does Thunderbird turn your mouth black? Is Thunderbird wine still available? How much is a bottle of Night Train? Can you get drunk off perfume?

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