Getmail exim

getmail exim

Mail server is exim. Every minute I get a message that is frozen in the queue: 0m K 1bqfqDG9-P1 *** frozen *** [email protected] What could be. This is the type of the Exim mail transfer agent (MTA), whose value should be an getmail-retriever-configuration parameter: string server. I think that was a mistake? When I did. Code: Select all apt-get purge exim4. I notice there were still some entries in /etc for exim. VNC SERVER DEBIAN 6

Now we have to configure it so that it can download the mails and forward them to procmail which will categorize them. This configuration is only valid for version 4. Next we have to set up procmail, note this is just a minimal configuration refer to the procmail manual for further information. So far we are able to fetch and read our mails but not yet to send new ones.

This and some other options can be configured with dpkg-reconfigure. Additionally we have to provide our account name and password which exim will use for SMTP authentication with the mail server of our ISP. As a final step we can tweak our mutt configuration a bit, here are the important settings from my file. For further options see the mutt documentation. Ok one last thing, if your to lazy to run getmail by hand then set up a crontab.

Code: Select all 1. Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since Jun Re: Getmail and Postfix, according to NewbieDoc. Post by weedeater64 » That did it, thanks!! I got rid of the "Maildir" directies and made a set of"Mail" directories, since Mutt insists on that whenever I run it.

I don't feel like arguing with Mutt at this time, I'll line him out later. And I figured out how to browse different directories with Mutt, so I'm good on retrieving for now. Now I'm going to see if I can figure out how to getmail from more than one source, I know that involves making multiple "getmailrc's", and now I have an Idea what to do. I've seen different "types" in different howto's. I've noticed reading other config. Does that make sense?

Looks like some pretty extensive info on configuring. Again thanks. Post by Telemachus » weedeater64 wrote: Now I'm going to see if I can figure out how to getmail from more than one source, I know that involves making multiple "getmailrc's", and now I have an Idea what to do.

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I recently needed to reinstall my mailing tools and so I am going to write it down for further reference.

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