Extensions for thunderbird

extensions for thunderbird

1. ImportExportTools · 2. Classic Toolbar Buttons · 3. Lightning · 4. Provider for Google Calendar · 5. Enigmail · 6. QuickFolders · 7. Mail Redirect. Getting better and better with each release, Mozilla's email client, Thunderbird, is as customizable as it's browser counterpart. Extensions are small adds-ons that give new functionality to complement Thunderbird's built-in features, so that you can customize. DUAL MONITORS ANYDESK

Write a simple "Hello World" extension. Testing Testing can be done in following ways: 1. It should work as a Temporary add-on. It can be installed using "Install add-on from file", and subsequently removed using the Add-on Manager. Add-ons extensions : 1. Hello-world 2. Skip to content. Star 0. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags.

Latest commit. Git stats 6 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. OneNote Table Of Contents. View code. Thunderbird-Extensions This will contain some add-ons Extensions as a part of Thunderbird Extension hacking. Has Thunderbird been progressing a little too fast for you, and you just want a bit of it at least to remind you of the good old days?

Classic Toolbars is here to help, letting you replace the fancy new UI elements of Firefox with ones dating back to the earliest versions of Thunderbird. A calendar is one of the most important tools for anyone in business. You need to be able to quickly look and access your day.

Needing to have multiple windows open and toggle back and forth is very inconvenient. This extension lets you add a full calendar to Thunderbird, making it more efficient to schedule appointments from an email. Some users have complained that this addon tends to stop working with major Thunderbird updates, and subsequently needs updating, but the following addon has a good workaround to that…. So you know that thing we said about Lightning breaking down with Thunderbird updates, and people losing their vital calendar information?

Provider solves that problem by syncing up with your Google Calendar, so whatever you write into Lightning gets saved to your Google Calendar and vice versa. This ensures that even if Lightning does fail on you, you still have access to your calendar information.

Keeping your email information secure and private is as vital as ever. Not quite the same as forwarding, Mail Redirect redirects emails sent to you so they appear to the recipient like emails received directly from the original sender. A simple but a good one. When you get busy working or playing on Facebook, you might not notice it is time for the meeting.

Reminderfox is a popular Firefox browser extension that is also available in Thunderbird. If you are trying to have an all-in-one mail application, reminders and to-do lists will help a lot. As the name implies, you gain the ability to schedule emails with Send Later.

I use the schedule feature for a ton for things like birthdays, follow up etc. From this window you can choose a preset time or choose sometime more specific. If you process a large number of emails everyday, Nostalgy will save you a lot of time. This add-on will let you create keyboard shortcuts for actions like move a message to a folder or change folders. Last but not least are themes for Thunderbird.

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