Thunderbird add in

thunderbird add in

11 Must-Have Thunderbird Addons · 1. QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) · 2. QuickFilters · 3. Quicktext · 4. Signature Switch · 5. Attach from Clipboard. Hover your cursor over Options and click Account Settings. Account Settings in Thunderbird. Click Account Actions and then select Add Mail Account. My Top 5 Thunderbird Add-ons · #1 Nostalgy · #2 Quote Colors · #3 ImportExportTools · #4 Display Mail Route · #5 AttachmentExtractor. SECURE CITRIX ONLINE

The interface has evolved and offers you a range of customization options. This add-on can manage your huge collection of folders by turning them into bookmarks. Once you install QuickFolders, a new toolbar appears right below the Mail toolbar. The dropdown menu on the bar allows you to switch between categories seamlessly. You can drag important emails to the reading list without having to keep a mail tab open and add favicons to the tabs.

Decluttering and organizing your inbox is a daily chore. If you know how to make a Gmail filter , QuickFilter lets you create new mail filters by simply dragging emails into folders and letting the add-on do the heavy-lifting of filling up filter settings. Click quickFilters Assistant to start the assisted filter mode. Drag the email into a folder to open the setup prompt. Select one of the default criteria and choose your options listed under Actions or Next Steps.

Then, click Create Filter and proceed with other attributes to refine the filter. With Quicktext, you get to answer monotonous, repetitive emails quickly. It does this by letting you create a template that you can insert into your emails.

Open the Quicktext Settings window and navigate to the Templates tab. Create a group, then click Add template and give a title. If you use a full-fledged text expander application , this add-on might be redundant. Download : Quicktext Free. Writing emails is time-consuming, and maintaining an email etiquette is equally complex.

You can have one less thing to worry about by setting up the email signature. Signature Switch lets you create a pre-defined set of signatures and attach it to an email. Head to Preferences and click Add New Signature. Depending on the composing mode, the signature will switch automatically. In the Auto Switch field, mention the list of recipients or add a wildcard domain with an asterisk sign and click Save. You can assign custom shortcuts to turn signatures on or off and cycle through your sets.

Download : Signature Switch Free. This add-on lets you attach images, files, links, and more directly from the clipboard. Download : Attach from Clipboard Free. Delayed sending is a powerful feature to have in an email client. The built-in Send Later feature push messages to the Outbox folder, but you have to send the unsent messages manually.

In the Send at: field, enter the date and time when you want to send the email. Then, click Send at… your time and date. When you schedule a message, it gets saved in your Drafts folder with the scheduling information. Most Thunderbird add-ons are distributed via the Thunderbird add-ons site although authors can distribute their add-ons any way they choose.

You can search and browse the add-ons site using a web browser. You can also open the add-on manager and search for add-ons by typing search terms into the search field in the top right corner, or browser the list of recommended add-ons in the Recommendations panel. The standard update behavior can be changed by toggling the Update Add-ons Automatically setting in the menu behind the gear icon of the add-on manager. Before uninstalling an add-on, make sure to have backuped all data related to that add-on.

All data stored by add-ons will be deleted upon add-on removal. The add-on manager will show an Undo button at the top to restore the add-on including its data. Once the add-on manager is closed, the add-on has been removed permanently. You may find information on Thunderbird Add-on development on developer.

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