1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe

1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe

The Turbo Coupe weighed a reasonable 3, pounds, and the $16, base price was a realistic $1, more than the T-Bird V-8 Sport model. Today's Nice Price or No Dice Turbo Coupe carries the only four-cylinder engine ever to sit behind Ford's iconic Thunderbird badge. It was equipped with a L turbocharged Inline-4 motor when brawny rumbling V8s were the norm. It produced hp and lb-ft and was coupled. CITRIX HQ

It was also the period of a sort of shift from the orthodox ideas with which cars, especially muscle cars were built. Form factors were slowly getting sleeker and sharper as opposed to the boxes that were prevalent before and turbocharging was finally making its way into engines. Finally, it was not "Who had the largest engine? It was during this period that the Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe made a mark among enthusiasts and consumers alike.

The Thunderbird marked a major shift in how people viewed this iconic luxury car from Ford. Ford vouched on a more European approach in the 87 Thunderbird with sharper aerodynamic styling and a more driver-focused construction. It was a sharp detour from what an average American thought the Thunderbird to be. Ford brought in a smaller 4-cylinder engine along with the V6 and V8 and packed in a lot more electronics than any other generation of Thunderbirds before it.

The Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe was a fresh take on American-made cars with a focus on drivability and technological advancements. It was a sleeker car and was a bold new direction for the Thunderbird nameplate. The Ford Thunderbird was a detour from its counterparts of the time in terms of powertrain layout. It was equipped with a 2. It produced hp and lb-ft and was coupled to a standard 5-Speed Manual gearbox.

Ford had also pitched in an automatic gearbox that paved way for a more easy-to-drive experience. There was a very interesting catch to this as the automatic gearbox equipped models produced lesser power because of the reduced boost pressure. This was done to help the automatic gearbox cope with the turbo spool, as the 15 psi of standard pressure was too much to handle.

Talking of the boost pressure, the Thunderbird experienced quite the jump in terms of turbocharging as it used an all-new IHI turbocharger that spooled much faster than the last generation's Garrett ones that were also used in the Mustang SVO's. In the case of the automatic transmission, boost pressure was reduced to 9. The Ford Thunderbird did the mph in 8 seconds and the quarter-mile would come up in A smaller and more peppy engine translated to a more nimble driving experience which was also a very impressive detour for the Thunderbird nameplate back in the day.

Electronic assists were very highly revered during those days and the '87 Thunderbird was a bold move in terms of adaptation of modern electronics. The handling was underpinned by a revamped platform that used more stress points for a more dynamic experience.

It came equipped with standard Automatic Ride Control with the help of an electronically adjustable suspension damping system. This could tweak the suspension dampness on the go using an onboard network of sensors from the firmest to the stiffest in just 40 milliseconds. And it wasn't static, as the system could change the layout in terms of the driving conditions and change in terrain.

The Turbo Coupe was even made available with a five-speed manual transmission, which was the first stick shift offered in the T-bird in decades. The Aero-bird had one restyle, late in the game, with a pointier nose and flush headlamps as well as bigger taillamps.

Between those, the greenhouse gained slightly larger side windows for better visibility. Another, more practical change was the addition of an intercooler to the Turbo Coupe, giving the car essentially the same mill as the SVO Mustang.

This Thunderbird Turbo Coupe is one of more than , T-birds sold that year. That should make parts availability a snap. Also, that Fox platform will make for easy-as-pie updates and upgrades. The ad notes that the car comes with a clean title and , miles of experience. It rides on aftermarket wheels and mismatched tires front and rear, but it does come with its factory wheels as well. The gray paint does seem to shine up reasonably well and all the trim appears intact.

That latter includes not one, but two Thunderbird badges on the back end. Other than that, it seems like a pretty nice place to hang out, with sport bucket seats up front and a three-spoke steering wheel. The turbo four made horsepower with the intercooler and the five-speed.

The seller claims the car to have an adjustable suspension but says it would benefit from some coilovers. Recent maintenance work is described as a fuel system flush, oil change, plugs and a new temperature gauge. Big coupes like this have long fallen out of favor, and that makes for less clamor for such cars on the used car market.

Orange County, California, Craigslist , or go here if the ad disappears. Hit me up at rob jalopnik. Remember to include your Kinja handle.

1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe thunderbird contacts

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1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe

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1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe tony gomes citrix

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