Moravian workbench sketchup

moravian workbench sketchup

This workbench is based on a design by the 18th century French carpenter and author André Jacob CAD file of this workbench for Sketchup - from Lars N. AutoCAD, Fusion , KeyCreator, STEP / IGES, SketchUp, STL,. Table 30x60in Plastic Laminate WorkBench - Tennsco. November 8th, The only thing I wanted to change was the tool tray as I preferred having extra bench space so to SketchUp I went and started working on. ULTRAVNC 1 2 1 1 Moravian workbench sketchup install older version of citrix receiver


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The EvAnt Porta Workbench moravian workbench sketchup


These workbenches are absolutely beautiful as well as functional and transportable. They also happen to feature a Lake Erie Toolworks wooden leg vise as a part of the bench. A few years back I was doing some research on different forms of the Andre Roubo workbench that people were building looking for ideas for the one I was working on at the time. I ran across a blog of a fella building a massive Roubo bench in a high rise apartment. The last entry was over a year old and he had gotten the huge laminated yellow pine top glued up and planed flat.

I checked back a couple of times later on and never saw any more updates, the blog is no longer up now. Whether he ever finished the bench or not I do not know. So what does this have to do with a Moravian style work bench? My first thought when I read about this bench build was how was he going to get it out of the apartment if he decided to move? What he was building was not, in my opinion anyway, at all ideal for his situation. Even if he made it to where the bench broke down, he would have run off every good friend he ever had trying to move just the top alone.

I have absolutely nothing against the Roubo bench, I believe it is as close to workbench perfection as is possible to attain but its one biggest asset is also its biggest fault: mass. I built a Roubo bench of my own and it is wonderful, especially if you do a lot of hand tool work.

I have only had to move mine once since I built it but I will be honest; it makes my back hurt just thinking about moving it again. A few months after building my Roubo bench, Chris Schwarz posted some pictures on his blog of the workbenches in the collection at Old Salem North Carolina, a preserved Moravian village founded in There were a couple of photos of a smallish bench with angled legs that broke down to move around to jobsites. Luckily for me Old Salem is not far from my home so I went down and saw the benches in person and took some measurements.

My favorite details of the bench were its simplicity, the look of the angled legs, and of course the fact it disassembled for transport. The original bench was made of oak and yellow pine. I set about building the bench almost identical to the original with one major change and that was the top.

The thicker top really ended up improving the bench; it has a wonderful solid feel that I love. I had some concern over the narrow work surface but that turned out to not be an issue. If you ever look at old workbenches you will notice that most of the wear and tear on the bench top is in the front 6 to 8 inches of top.

I never noticed this until I started using this bench; most of the work you do is on the front few inches of the bench. I also added a homemade wagon vise and row of dog holes. The Moravian bench is solid, stable, and completely resists racking pressure. I also love the look of the bench. It is always nice when a bench combines functionality with attributes pleasing to the eye as well.

I am not trying to push this bench design on anyone, there are many of good designs out there and would recommend to anyone to do some research before building any type of workbench. My one recommendation to someone building a workbench would be to build one to be used above all.

Do not worry with flawless finishes or exotic woods, build something you will not be broken hearted if you scratch or dent it. If your bench is too nice to use then it end up being useless to you. A good workbench will make your work easier, faster, and be a lifelong companion in all the projects you undertake. Gerry F. And of course let you know my appreciation of your vise screws. Kind regards, Marcel K. Yes it took me about 10 months of working off and on to complete!

Hi Nick, I wanted to thank you for the technical assistance and information on the face vise build for my English style work bench. Thank you, James P. For images of the build visit my instagram page louiss Photos taken at Montsalvat. Dean W. The front vice is a slanted leg vice. I did not want to obstruct the shelf with the additional structure needed to support a vertical vice.

I did have to widen the left, front leg to make sure there was enough support for the screw. For the parallel guide, I tried something different. I then flush mounted a deck mount for steel pipe that was slightly larger than the dowel. I am hoping that the thread will catch on the dowel and keep things parallel.

I got a pair of the Gramercy holdfasts and am very happy with them. The base is finished in milk paint — I was concerned that it would rub off the leg onto work, but I emailed Megan Fitzpatrick to ask about her experience with her painted bench and she told me not to worry. This was not an option for me. I used a pair of rickety saw horses, at Black and Decker Workmate, and the floor of the garage the only thing I had that was sturdy enough on which to chop mortises.

Working on the garage floor was interesting — it reminded me of those old prints of Japanese woodworkers. On the other hand, the wood chips and other debris left marks in all the wood. Oh, well. My hand cut partial thickness dovetails look like crap. This was true of most of my joints — no matter how carefully I laid them out and cut them, they looked sloppy when glued up. More importantly, however, they were solid. I screwed up when making the saddle joints for the short stretchers across the top of the legs.

I chose to make the long dimension parallel with the face of the bench to try to increase stability. I used small jig sort of visible on top of the sheet of paper on the shelf to keep my bench dog holes lined up.

It has a lead screw and three flutes. Ron G. Great Job Will Myers! Best regards, Nick. Will Myers — Boonville, NC. Lake Erie Toolworks Blog. Blog at WordPress. Follow Following. I have a question. However according to the plans the stretcher and top are not coplanar that is the leg is flush with the top front but the stretchers are shy of the legs and top, so what gives?

I am a subscriber and a own the video. From the video and the plans you can tell the long stretcher and the legs are different thickness, in the video you can see the stretcher is not flush with the front of the leg. However the same setting is suggested for the mortise gauge, this would place the tusk tenon off center on its stretcher, Can you clarify please.

After I read most comments I just wanted to give you guys a big thank you from Europe. I will build a workbench in the sooner future and the Moravian Workbench design is my favorite since my space is limited. Thank you Wil, for the plans.

My bench is done, but I am considering adding drop wheels to the legs. Any advice for me? Purchased the video three months ago. I have one major problem. I seemed to have messed up the vice. When taking the vice back out the slopes down and gets stuck.

Any thoughts? I have the video and I am ready to begin. Which do I use? Thank you, awesome bench! I would like to add drop down wheels to my bench. I have not found any that will work on the sloped legs. Does anyone have any other solutions or ideas? Excellent digital download on the Moravian bench plans. I really appreciate all the detail you two put into this video. Excellent HD video and the Audio quality is incredible too. Well worth the money even when converted to Canadian funds. Hi Joshua, I am a little confused about the detailed plans vs the videos.

When you buy the video, are the detailed plans included or both have to be purchased separately? But we had many beginner woodworkers ask for some more advanced plans. So we created them, and they are for sale separately. I love this bench! Have been trying to decide whether to build one or not.

After research and much reading that question has been answered. I thank him and you for the plans! Hey if we are unable to find a large slab of hardwood for the top, do you have any recommended alternatives or work arounds? By subscribing you agree to receive our promotional marketing materials and agree with our Privacy Policy. See our tutorial here. Hand Saws. Jack Plane No. Sharpened with camber Smoothing Plane No. Curved Work Tools.

Miscellaneous Tools. Screw Driver Wax or Tallow for lubricating handplane soles optional Holdfast optional. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Gerry Cox. September 29, pm. Joshua Farnsworth. Reply to Gerry Cox September 30, am. Reply to Gerry Cox January 6, am. February 8, am. Reply to Upset February 12, am.

Reply to Joshua Farnsworth February 12, am. Reply to Upset February 19, am. Upset but less now. Reply to Joshua Farnsworth March 4, pm. Fred Meyer. Reply to Joshua Farnsworth December 2, pm. Reply to Fred Meyer December 28, am. Teri A Girtsman. Reply to Upset June 7, pm. Reply to Joshua Farnsworth April 19, am. Tim McManus. Reply to W. May 14, pm. Reply to Tim McManus May 21, am. Stiff Wood. Reply to Upset April 17, pm. Earl Osborne. Reply to Upset June 3, pm. Stephen Smith. Reply to Earl Osborne July 16, pm.

I was just wondering what kind of wood people were using to make these. Reply to Stephen Smith July 24, pm. April 16, am. Reply to talon April 20, am. Ian wattets. Reply to talon April 25, pm. April 21, am. Reply to Evie May 6, pm. Richard Linderman. May 4, pm.

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