Fortinet vrrp

fortinet vrrp

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If the master router fails, the VRRP automatically assigns one of the backup routers without affecting network traffic. When the failed router is functioning again, it becomes the master router again. VRRP provides this redundancy without user intervention or additional configuration to any of the devices on the network.

When the VRRP master router fails to send advertisement messages, the backup router with the highest priority takes over as the master router. This configuration allows the switches to balance the load and provide redundancy to each other. The downstream clients can split their gateways into two virtual routers, Select Edit for the appropriate interface. Enter the unique virtual router identifier VRID. Some or all of these routers can be FortiGate units. The group members are configured to be the master router and one or more backup routers of the VRRP group.

If the master fails, VRRP dynamically shifts packet forwarding to a backup router. VRRP provides this redundancy without user intervention or additional configuration to any of the devices on the network. The network then automatically directs all traffic to the backup unit. VRRP uses the broadcast capabilities of Ethernet networks. Additionally, hosts can send packets outside their subnet without interruption. Some or all of those backup routers can be FortiGate units.

A backup unit will not attempt to become a master unit while it is receiving these messages. When a FortiGate unit operating as a VRRP master fails, a backup unit takes its place and continues processing network traffic.

The backup unit assumes the master unit has failed if it stops receiving the advertisement messages from the master unit. The backup unit with the highest priority becomes the new master unit after a short delay. As a result, all packets sent to the default route IP address are sent the new master unit. If the backup unit is a FortiGate unit, the network continues to benefit from FortiOS security features.

If the backup unit is a router, after a failure traffic will continue to flow, but FortiOS security features will be unavailable until the FortiGate unit is back on line. During a VRRP failover, as the backup unit starts to forward traffic it will not have session information for all of the failed over in-progress sessions. If the backup unit is operating as a normal FortiGate unit it will not be able to forward this traffic because of the lack of session information.

To resolve this problem, immediately after a failover and for a short time as its taking over traffic processing, the backup unit operates with asymmetric routing enabled. This allows the backup unit to re-create all of the in-progress sessions and add them to the session table. While operating with asymmetric routing enabled, the backup unit cannot apply security functions.

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