Opensuse vnc server black screen

opensuse vnc server black screen

To clarify, starting a vncserver from a terminal will work, but the 'Remote administration' vnc with the login screen will produce a fully black screen with. New to OpenSUSE. VNC black screen on Leap Hi everyone,. I'm new to openSUSE and I'm trying to get a remote connection working via VNC. a black or blank screen; application windows are white; slow refresh of images On the remote Linux computer, open the VNC Server dialog. DBEAVER JRE

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I used to be able to connect to my server using a VNC Client. However, now the window will open but is and stays black. I can SSH to my server. I restarted vncserver with no effect. I used cat on the logfile which is pasted below. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Modified 3 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 2k times. I appreciate your help debugging the problem. Xvnc TigerVNC 1. Underlying X server release , The X. There is no default input method for the current locale.

Dummy input method "none" do not use any fancy input method by default Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":1". Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":1". Improve this question. Janothan Janothan 5 5 bronze badges. The log says: "Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused".

Not wishing to waste your time but just to clarify: 1 you entered 'ipv4-localhost' on the back end of the ' If you did all that I am out if ideas. It must be something else. Unless it's something to do with color depth, which I think used to cause a similar problem of a black screen.

No that did not help. Like I said earlier I commented out the ipv6 line, and even replaced localhost with the loopback ip in the xinet. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have already try this with no luck. Least significant byte first in each pixel. True colour: max red green blue , shift red 16 green 8 blue 0 Using default colormap which is TrueColor.

Pixel format: 32 bits per pixel. True colour: max red 31 green 63 blue 31, shift red 11 green 5 blue 0 Using default colormap which is TrueColor. True colour: max red green blue , shift red 16 green 8 blue 0 As you can see it shows no error, but i only get the black box. Seems to be some problem with gdm, as im not using KDE. I gave that a shot earlier today. Made no difference. I opened a bug at bugzilla.

As I see updates, I may try to post them back here. I will try tomorrow, now I can only connect via ssh or vpn. Yes I get the same. Next cunning idea: Have you tried doing something rather perverse - displaying a VNC remote desktop on the same machine as the VNC server?

No, I still get the black windows. The two may have different security setups, although I am not an expert on this. The results of your test means that GDM is not interested in establishing a remote connection to a client or something is preventing GDM from doing so. So it looks as though that is the problem at the moment.

Give it a whirl and see what happens. The business with the ambiguity in the localhost definitions still needs to be corrected of course. Hope this helps yet again. My bug was closed and marked as a duplicate of bug , which is still under investigation. A patch was provided a while back, but apparently it didn't resolve the issue. I will keep monitoring it. I may try the patch anyway when I have a chance to see if it resolves it for me.

This affects VNC and Xnest. It is still under investigation. It should be fixed by the yet-to-be-release update to xorg-xserver-extra look for a Jul 08 Changelog entry "Fix some shortcomings in the xdmcp implementation. Not a generic problem with X and localhost, "only" the specific problem that the X server including Xnest and Xvnc skips loopback addresses when it builds the list of potential display addresses to report to the display manager via xdmcp, even when the dm is reached via a loopback address.

It isn't specific to GDM. I've also been experiencing this problem. It appears both during upgrades from opensuse The only system I'm using For what it's worth, running vncserver from the command line and connecting to that works just fine. I have yet to try installing a system with KDE but that may be my next troubleshooting step. So no, you aren't crazy and the problem isn't simply a misconfiguration on your part. I have KDE on I can connect into either system from another Connect TO windows ?

The way you asked is confusing. Connecting from is what this whole thread is about. Connecting to w2k8 can be done with rdesktop. Did you activate XDM for Xvnc? Comment out this line if you want to manage X terminals with xdm! I think I might have sussed it. I've been having the same problem suddenly started on one machine - another has worked fine - both on I'm fairly sure it's something to do with reverse dns resolution.

That's what worked for me: commenting OUT this ipV6 line. Neither standard gnome nor kde install works form me. I've tried out by commenting the ipv6 lines, making a number of other adjustments and nope! Also tried from uvnc and realvnc on windows and tightvnc on both. I'll let you know if someday I can see my vncserver!

Today I installed the released patch for xXorg-server that supposed to fix this. Sadly I have to say that didn't work for me. Any news about you? I've been trying to make Xvnc to work on openSuse Now, if I look at the output of ifconfig I can see that the 'lo' interface doesn't event have ipv6 address specified. I was also waiting for the recent xorg-xXvnc update to fix this, but it didn't. I'm using gdm. Kind regards. Now, the real question is, that if the fix to the gdm is going to take who knows how long, is there a way to change the display manager for the Xvnc only, so that local logins could still go through gdm, but users connecting with vnc would login through xdm?

In general krfb-krdc gave the impression of a VERY unreliable - temperamental piece of software. I wonder why SuSE keeps including it in their distribution as it is a sure cause of trouble and lost time! I got the vncserver, vncviewer to work. I don't know how to fix it yet. Hope this helps!!! Hi all, VNC is still now working with xinitd. The system is fully patched but the screen remains black.

All hints on the internet IPv6, displaymanger don't work for me. Starting vnc directly works but I need a login screen for two different users. You might try configuring svnserver to use another display session number. Did you move you mouse cursor to the vnc client window and move it around to see if there is any response. See if the login screen comes on.

This works. I get the same!! You suggested - So, whilst logged on locally to your Suse I wonder whether the ":2" is significant!! Incidentally I get different results with the Mac viewer Vine VNC - it reports "No Authorisation needed" then after only secs "Connection timed out" - which could?? NO window appears at all. A black screen with an "X" cursor is displayed.

Hi all Just installed I just disabled IPV6 via the yast2 network settings and it works. I also changed the Xinetd VNC to have 24bit lol! Hi all, Just wanted to share my sollution. I went through the part with disable IPv6 and modify the vnc part aswell - but still no go. Don't knock it - I've seen more than one setup string work right after re- typing the apparently same setting. Murphy is NOT a myth! Could be a non-printing character got in there somehow.

In a couple of cases, that was exactly the problem. In those cases, it eventually resolved to a disk problem that eventually surfaced but that was the mechanism. I had the same problem, black screen and all that BS.

I installed xtightvncclient on the client pc and it works just fine. Apparently that is the server running on the suse server, vncviewer still shows a black screen. Similar Artilces: Help.. TechSupport is having trouble Load EBF and attempting to load from

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