Cannot open splashtop streamer

cannot open splashtop streamer

Open DMG installer (click here to download the Splashtop Business or Splashtop Streamer installer) · Double click and run the uninstall script ". If you are using Windows XP, and Splashtop Streamer will not start after installation has completed. Splashtop Streamer: Software needs to be installed and running on the remote device you would like to access to. It streams audio and video. MIST VALLEY THUNDERBIRD

So, how can you take advantage of this great feature? This will allow you to access your home files directly no matter where you are. The computer you want to control is the target desktop. On your host computer, you should already have Splashtop installed. If not, do so first. You can distribute it via a unique digit code or by manually installing it onto the target desktop.

You will send a user the code through a deployment package, and once the user on the other computer receives it, they can install Splashtop Streamer. They can download the file through the attached link, or you can send an installer directly. The process is straightforward. Once you have everything set up, you can launch the Splashtop app and immediately control the other computer.

As we mentioned earlier, Splashtop has many different programs. Some of the specific apps that allow you to control another computer are:. Splashtop Business is free to download, and you can get it for both computers and mobile devices. Splashtop Center is a dated version you can download for free. The others, Business Access Pro and Enterprise, are paid products.

The Client and Streamer will automatically be updated in the same way Agents are updated when updates become available. For information on how to download it, refer to Download a component. NOTE When the Splashtop session is initiated from a macOS device, and the remote endpoint does not have the Splashtop Client installed, the initiating device's Agent will install it on the endpoint. A pop-up window will prompt the initiating device's user to allow this action.

In some cases, however, your end users may want remote access capability, too. To learn how to grant remote access and control permissions to your end users, refer to this Splashtop Support article. Thanks for your feedback. Want to tell us more? Account Settings Logout. All Files. Submit Search. Current Splashtop Streamer versions Windows: 3. Splashtop system requirements Refer to this Splashtop Support article. Download Splashtop from the ComStore In order to enable Splashtop in your account, you first need to download the Splashtop component.

Click the ComStore tab. Search for and select Splashtop Remote Screen Sharing. Click Add to my Component Library to add it to your account. Install the Streamer The Splashtop installer, that is, the Splashtop Streamer, makes it possible to remotely view a device. Alternatively, there is an option to enable the Streamer for specific sites.

Once you have turned on Enable automatic installation of Splashtop Streamer , all your sites will be selected by default under the Auto-install Splashtop for selected sites radio button. Select the sites you wish to exclude and click on the Exclude or Exclude all button. Install the Client Installation of the Client is automatic on each device upon the first time a connection of this type is initiated. Update the Client and Streamer The Client and Streamer will automatically be updated in the same way Agents are updated when updates become available.

Web Portal Navigate to a device you wish to connect to. If you are on a device list page, hover over the context menu next to the device, and then hover over Remote Actions. If you are on the Device Summary page, hover over the Remote Actions button.

Select the Splashtop icon to initiate a connection to the device. Refer to Remote Actions. Agent Browser Log in to the Agent Browser. Search for the device. Refer to Search. Connect to device so the device shows in the connected devices area. Refer to Connect to a device. Once connected, locate the Splashtop icon and click Connect. Refer to Remote takeover tools.

Cannot open splashtop streamer citrix vs cannot open splashtop streamer


Required by 0. Pinned Comments. Ok guys, I've taken over the package and pushed working updates. Latest Comments. What is going on? Is that feature not supported on linux? I'm not able to install getting the following error. Dropbox link broken. If you'll look inside of archive — you'll find that there is no binary. Update please v. Builds fine now, but segfaults on start on one system, and won't allow connections on the other.

Sorry, fixed. Finally got this to work. You need to install an older version of libx to make this work. Luckily it's in the AUR under the name libx AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk. Splashtop Remote Streamer. Remotely access your desktop from any device from anywhere! Attempt a connection to a device if uninstalled on source machine using Splashtop. Doing so will perform an automatic installation of the necessary Splashtop applications.

For multiple destination-only devices, you can use the following components:. If the issue continues, gather as much of the following information as possible before contacting Datto RMM Support:. Skip to Navigation Skip to Main Content.

Toggle SideBar. Datto Help Center. Home More. Information Description. Try another source machine see if the issue is only related to your local device If the first source machine is the only one affected, you know it is isolated to that device. Try another destination machine If the destination machine is the only one affected, you know it is isolated to that device. Uninstall Splashtop, delete registry keys, and re-deploy If you isolate the issue to a single device source or destination machine , try the following steps to perform a quick reinstallation: 1.

Cannot open splashtop streamer zoom app download for laptop

Splashtop Streamer Setup

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