60 inch workbench with 4 drawers

60 inch workbench with 4 drawers

This hardwood workbench is beautifully finished with a 60 in. x 20 in. top and four felt-lined drawers. A precision-machined wood block vise and pre-drilled. They are 5/8 inch, or perhaps the metric equivalent. They give you four short metal "square mushroom" dogs and four 4" wood pegs. * The drawers. This workbench has a beautifully finished 60 in. x 20 in. top and four felt-lined drawers to store your fine woodworking tools. The bottom shelf is useful. THUNDERBIRD OLDER

I unpacked everything carefully to make sure all of the main parts were in order, they weren't The top and legs looked fine, as did the bottom shelf. The solid wood parts are mostly made of finger jointed pieces, but there are quite a few pressed board components as well see drawers below.

The "drawer system" however was a mess. The drawers themselves are made out of press board and laminate almost every one was chipped in some way. One of the drawer sides was completely destroyed and one of the "felt lined drawer bottoms" was crushed beyond useful. The center support for the drawers was actually partially built, but the sides didn't line up and would make it impossible for the drawers to slide properly I actually considered just rebuilding the drawers and support using the hardware, but realized the whole reason I bought this was to get back to work quickly not add to my already growing list of projects.

I'd read many of the reviews before ordering this, so I too was ready to spend a day putting this together, by gluing all the joints with wood glue and putting a generous coat of polyurethane for outdoor use to protect from sun on it before completion. I was impressed with the quality of the wood top, drawers and stanchions. I will be ordering the castors for it so that I can pull it from the wall easily for larger projects.

New Information: After a run of heat in the Phoenix Valley, I went to my garage and found the bench had split on both ends. The seller Cashpenny - Amazon Marketplace have been a pleasure to work with and have done everything they can to replace the top. I'd recommend Cashpenny any day.

I like this bench for all the wrong reasons which I'll explain here. If you are buying this expecting a decent quality bench on the cheap, you are sadly mistaken. However, if you are looking for a cheap bench to get started on that will motivate you to quickly learn, get creative against challenges, and send you on the quickest path to learning how to build your own workbench, you might actually want to buy this bench.

That's a big hint at the wrong reasons why I like this bench. The parts that have to support the bench top are made of solid wood, yes. However, as soon as you get to the boards that made either the drawers or the bottom storage shelf, you're now dealing with crummy particle board. The drawer boards are particularly terrible as the instructions has you send screws into the particle boards along a parallel direction to their length rather than perpendicular.

This direction of drilling combined with the poor quality of the boards resulted in the tendency for the boards to split. I think only one drawer out of the four I got the parts for survived assembly without a split. One of the other draws split so badly that a chunk of it actually fell out. Luckily there was still enough wood for the other two screws to secure in and hold even with the missing chunk.

Speaking of those drawers, go back and look at the product pictures and look at where they are. Notice anything off? They are right under the bench top with no gap between the drawers and the bench top. Why is this a problem? Well now go look at those dog holes. Were you planning to use those? Were you planning to potentially use a holdfast to clamp down your work with them? Not going to happen with these. You stick a holdfast in there, it's going into whatever you have in your drawers.

They should switch the positions of the drawers and the storage shelf to fix this with a gap between the storage shelf and the bench top. This way you would technically have enough space to use a holdfast. Sadly, even if they made they change, you still couldn't use a holdfast. Because the bench top is actually only an inch thick. Which gets into the next problem. The sole purpose of a workbench like this is to hold you work in place.

That's it. If you just needed a surface to work on, you'd just get a table, right? But in order to hold the work in place, the bench itself needs to not move when materials are being worked with on the bench. At only pounds, this might be cheaper to ship but it isn't going to stay still if you try using a hand planer on it.

I have to keep my dumbell set on it to add another pounds just to keep the shaking minimal and manageable, and now that's a lot of workbench space gone for those weights. Oh, and on the topic of using the bench to hold your work, let's talk about those dog holes some more. It's kind of amazing actually, how the holes seem uniform to the naked eye, but when I tested all four of the metal dog pegs that came with the bench on the dog holes, only half of them even fit.

It ran the range of being surprisingly loose to surprisingly snug to being just straight up too small to fit the pegs as they were. I've had to file and chisel several of these holes larger just to use them. Go figure the looser dog holes were the ones furthest away for the vise, and therefore less likely to use, while the holes near or on the vise were the ones that were too small to fit anything, the same holes I am the most likely to use and therefore causes me the most frustration.

Speaking of that vise, it's both terrible and this bench's most redeeming feature. The caps on the handle to turn the vise fall off with the lightest of touches. You're honestly better off just wrapping one of the caps with some duct tape and then leaving the other cap off.

Just always leave your handle cap side up and flip it if you have to. I already talked about the undersized dog holes on the vise. Now here's a nice point. The first two problems I mentioned so far with the vise are fixable. It's annoying that you have to deal with it in the first place, but you can fix them.

Once you get past that, and if you use shims properly to prevent uneven pressure on the vise if clamping something on only one end of it, it's not terrible. The threading is a bit too tight so it takes a ton of turns to work, but it eventually gets there. Sometimes the vise feels way too wobbly and fragile, but it's held out so far. The grip could be tighter but I can live with it. That vise is barely a redeeming quality from the sounds of it.

Even if I am a beginner, why would I want to buy this? Why would you give this two stars instead of one? All of this bench's problems can be compensated for enough that you should be able to complete most projects on it. It's just that you will be very annoyed the entire way.

This bench will teach you the difference between what is just a workbench and a great workbench. It contains many "features" done wrong, making it great for showing you what NOT to do when you eventually build your own workbench.

This is the workbench that you will hate to use but will enable you to make much greater things. In other words, this is the Internet Explorer that you use to download Chrome with. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Browse Our Most Viewed Deals.

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