Best teamviewer alternative reddit

best teamviewer alternative reddit

Best Teamviewer Replacement (Update). After getting locked out repetedly from TeamViewer for "Commercial Use Detected" I wanted to look into. I would suggest Devolutions Wayk Now! It's a light, easy-to-use, and quick remote access tool for on-demand use. Plus, it's free for both. Both TeamViewer and AnyDesk are top of the shelf options, if we are looking for remote access solutions. But which one is better? CYBERDUCK NOT WORKING LEOPARD

The hallway will be lined with doors, each corresponding to the communi Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. You need to hear this. Windows 11 growth at a standstill amid stringent hardware requirements By now if you haven't upgraded to Windows 11, it's likely you may be waiting awhile.

Adoption of the new O What is a Spicy Sock Puppet? Originally, a Spicy Sock Puppet was used as an undercover identity during online fraudulent activities. You could pretend to be a fictitious character and no one would ever know. Now, to make Online Events. Log in Join. Remote Support. Has anyone got any suggestions to this? Thanks for all your help so far. Spice 6 Reply Don This person is a verified professional.

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Check out splashtop Spice 2 flag Report. RbA-Nik This person is a verified professional. It's free and will do what you're asking and a lot more. Spice 1 flag Report. Spice 2 flag Report. My first thought is: "Hire people who you can trust to NOT do that kinda stuff" lol It's like when I get requests "Button down the computer so employees can't do X Y Z" My first thought is always "hire trustworthy people" Spice 2 flag Report.

Felix-Gabriel This person is a verified professional. You can check and try Anydesk. New contributor pimiento. Mark Splashtop This person is a verified professional. Don wrote: Check out splashtop Thanks for highlighting Splashtop. APersin This person is a verified professional. The answer is easy all in TeamViewer Deactivate random passwords for users so only you with your main password or easy access activated can login to the computer or use your windows login instead and set it to only administrators.

Make the options only available for Administrators, so Users cannot temper with your settings. For external people use TeamViewer QuickSupport. Pascal Goverlan. Check us out Goverlan Reach. Doug MSP This person is a verified professional. Seethal Zoho. Read these next Where do you find work from home jobs? Maybe TeamViewer Remote Control. TeamViewer website. If you can run TeamViewer Remote Control mobile on your Android tablet, and can run TeamViewer Quicksupport mobile on the phone, the resulting performance will depend more on your Internet speed than your hardware specs.

And it's all wireless. No registration required. Don't remember if TeamViewer supports remote audio though, so you might have to depend on your phone for that. No, mai capitato. I use Gramps on my PC but remotely connect to my pc via my android phone samsumg and even better my tablet using teamviewer. You could try Teamviewer , I've only used it for a PC to PC connection but it might be possible to control a phone from either your PC or another phone. TeamViewer and QuickSupport addon will do the work.

Try it and see! It's saved me trips to the office a few times by letting me quickly remote into my PC at work from wherever I'm currently located and do whatever I may need to do whether it's check on a server or restart a service or something like that.

I've also remoted into my home PC to upload songs onto google music if I'm out somewhere and want to listen to some music that's not currently in my library. How about ScummVM? You can use it to emulate older windows games, worth a shot. Might be a little laggy though. A small tool to shutdown your PC at a specific time, or to give you the option of shutting it down remotely.

Junk file and useless registry key remover. You can expand upon the software locations it will scan for junk by using CCEnhancer. Handles audio CDs and disc images too. Manage the contents of your clipboard with a variety of tools, such as replacing strings or ignoring certain copied characters e. It checks the availability of files, monitors the clipboard for URLs and also supports premium accounts with file hosters.

Note that the program has a tool you can use to reset your router's connection to get a new IP address, and this is often erroneously flagged as a virus by anti-virus software. A password manager. If you want to integrate it with your browser, install the KeePassHttp plugin and then add the appropriate extension to your browser. For Firefox, use PassIFox. For Chrome, use chromeIPass.

A tiny program that writes to a hidden text file on any specified hard drive after a specified length of time, to stop it from entering sleep mode. It's not recommended that you use this with SSD drives. This is the open source release of Toonz, the classic-style animation suite that was used to create all of Studio Ghibli's animated feature films.

Maintains a selection of programs for you, installing them and their updates silently without prompts or install wizards. This is a much better replacement for the Windows Task Manager it can actually replace it system-wide if you want it to.

You need to install the appropriate app on your device to make it work. It can be configured into 1, 2, 3 or 4-paned views. Forgive the butt-ugly website, the software is on point. RSS is being deprecated all over the place these days. This tool lets you recover deleted files. The usual caveats apply for software like this, of course. This program will rename your downloaded TV shows to whatever format you wish, using online TV and film databases to fetch the correct info.

Also includes support for MMA. This is a sandbox tool, letting you execute files and programs in an isolated and strictly-enclosed environment, separate from your operating system. This is useful if you want to test software, or if you suspect something might contain a virus and want to monitor its behaviour.

This is a compact system information tool, showing temperatures and detailed hardware information. A very powerful and high-precision scientific calculator, using the keyboard as an input method instead of the on-screen number keys usually seen in calculators. Scans for and removes malware, mainly intrusive and irritating stuff like browser banners or OS-level popup ads.

I use both; sometimes one works where the other fails. So far, TeamViewer has performed flawlessly for me for desktop-to-phone. In my experience, these are what I have found to be the simplest ways of quickly sharing text between PC, Mac, and mobile, which you may find useful - but of course, I am always open to suggestions:.

If you don't have TeamViewer, or you don't know what it is: you really, really, should consider getting it. It is a free app, that allows you to control your PC using your phone. It is arguably the best option for out there, for doing so. It is a paid app, but it is without doubt the best purchase I have ever made on iOS: being able to automatically save the last clippings, search through them, organise them into lists, and not only retrieve them freely - via the custom keyboard - at will, on any app, but also automatically apply custom formatting to them - such as linking in markdown - or use custom macros on them whilst pasting: is nothing short of invaluable.

What really seals the deal is the capability to live-sync your clipboards between your Mac and iOS devices. Furthermore, it has very integrated share functions, that allow you to, for example, tap share on a Reddit comment, choose 'Save to Copied', and therefore quickly save both the text and link, so I can search for it later, and perhaps assign it to one of my lists.

The Copied App additionally has its own browser, which makes it yet even speedier to copy lots of separate bits from web pages. It is remarkable for Reddit: rather than saving useful posts - or comments - using the horrible native site functionality, which is non-searchable, it is instead possible to use the share function, to quickly save both the link and text to a Google Keep note.

As I have said, there are an infinite number of ways to share, but the most useful tends to come down to what each user is comfortable with. Hopefully you have found this useful. And if you have some suggestions, I would very much like to hear them. You could try it. TeamViewer is great for remote access and it's free. There is an android version of teamviewer. I've never tried it myself though. Teamviewer works very well, but the control can be a little tricky if your phone has a small screen.

Try a remote control app. You can go to the Play Store in a web browser and tell it to install the remote app such as TeamViewer on your phone - you'll just need to log in to the same account as on your phone before it'll let you. This is free.

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This Remote software system is available in two variations. Dameware Remote Support On-premises solution 2. Dameware Remote Everywhere Cloud-based solution. Mikogo is screen sharing software. It is a useful tool for facilitating online sales demos, web conferences, and training of individuals and groups alike. The tool is available in three versions like Standard, Professional and team.

Remote Desktop management is also known as RDM. This tool allows you to remote securely manage all your connections on a single platform. The software is two additions available in free and enterprise. Microsoft Remote Desktop helps you to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin.

This app helps you to produce no matter where you are. Connectwise is a replacement for TeamViewer. It is one of the best apps like TeamViewer that offers a modular, custom pricing approach which lets you build your package. LogMeIn is a strong competitor of TeamViewer. It is an ideal tool for those who started a business that needs to continues support from all over the world. It is especially helpful for places where problems could occur at any time. Remote Utility is an open source remote access tool.

You can use this tool for automatic and unattended remote access. This TeamViewer alternative free tool is free for both personal and business use. UltraVNC is a remote access tool which allows you to access another computer securely. This application is for use by a user who are having advanced knowledge of computers and remote access. Chrome Remote Desktop, not a full feature tool. It is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

It is one of the best TeamViewer alternative tool which allows you to set up a computer for remote access from any other computer running on Google Chrome browser. AnyDesk is remote desktop software that you can run portably or install like a regular program.

This free alternative to TeamViewer tool helps you to ensures secure remote desktop connections for IT professionals. RealVNC connect helps you to grow your business with secure remote desktop access and support for a connected world. Ammyy Admin is a free remote desktop sharing and PC remote control tool. You can use this TeamViewer like software for remote office arrangement, remote support. The tool also uses for distant education.

It is one of the best apps like TeamViewer that allows you to see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard. RescueAssist is a cloud-based remote support platform. This platform is used for IT support teams and customer and support organizations.

This remote desktop software for creating the Rescue brand of support products. SysAid is a Service Desk and Help Desk software solution which allows you to Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your service desk. Radmin is reliable remote support software for IT professional. It is one of the best free programs like TeamViewer that offers instant tech support and gets secure remote access to computers in the network.

Goverlan offers Remote Control Software for technical and admins. It allows you to access your user and system within seconds. The tool is available in three different editions 1. Standard 2. Professional and 3. Netop Remote control is a trusted remote support software. The tool offers the most secure remote support solution for any platform or device.

The tool provides you option for five different plans like free, plus, pro, business, and premium. With Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring there are additional screen sharing solutions that allow you to easily present your content, ideas, or applications to an audience without having to rely on special hardware and cables.

For more than 15 years, the Cambridge-based software company, RealVNC, has provided powerful remote programs. Among other things, the award-winning company with VNC Connect is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for personal and commercial use. Consisting of a server app for the computer you wish to control and a viewer application that is installed and started on the work device, this professional tool provides you with all the functions you need to remotely control other systems.

They are automatically discovered on the internet without the need for special firewall or router configurations. In order to provide a high level of security, sessions are not only encrypted, but are also password-protected. This equivalent also extends to important features such as data transfer, remote printing, or chat.

However, none of these VNC Connect editions offer features for web conferencing. Experience powerful Exchange email and the latest versions of your favorite Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint on any device!

Remote desktop connections are indispensable for day-to-day business. More than anything, allowing remote control access from another computer saves time: Whether for support, online conferences, or home office — with remote desktop, you can easily and conveniently connect your computer to distant devices. Private users also benefit from remote use: By connecting with different operating systems, MS Access is widely used office software and enables people with no prior programming knowledge to work with databases.

The license for the program, however, is not exactly cheap. Several free alternatives to Microsoft Access promise to do essentially the same thing. But which are the best Microsoft Access alternatives? And can they actually keep up with the range of functions and standard of Flexible working models are hard to imagine without video conferencing.

Employees from different locations can meet easily for personal exchanges on a digital platform. But which software is recommended for optimal video conferencing? How can you make video conferencing more effective? We have compiled the most important tips. Alternatives to the popular video conferencing software Zoom are having their moment in the spotlight as a growing number of people are organizing video calls daily.

Free alternatives to Zoom include a wide range of features, especially since the market for video conferencing software has become more complex and competitive ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Many providers continue to Professional or private, for many people Zoom is the preferred software for video conferencing.

Create your personal email address with your own email domain to demonstrate professionalism and credibility Transferring an existing domain to a new hosting provider is easier than ever before. Check out our guide Sending emails does not have to cost anything. Here, we recommend six free email providers for you Dedicated resources. Unlimited traffic. Personal consultant. Ammyy Admin As the first alternative to TeamViewer, we introduce Ammyy Admin as a tool for remote desktop connection and remote management.

The downloaded Ammyy Admin software can be used to establish connections to remote PCs or to release the corresponding computer as a target host. Advantages Disadvantages Suitable for companies Fast internet connection required High security for data transmission Intuitive use and control.

The scheduler can be used to organize meetings with Mikogo and to invite participants. Advantages Disadvantages No installation required Maximum number of participants is 25 Compatible with all devices with modern browsers. In the server settings, you can start and end remote sessions with ThinVNC. Advantages Disadvantages Smooth transmission Fewer additional features No installation necessary Security standards not as high Discontinued, almost.

Each system is assigned an individual AnyDesk address, with which it is accessible for remote access. Before the UltraVNC Viewer establishes a remote connection to the target system, you have to change a few settings. Advantages Disadvantages Completely free and open source Only for Windows systems Extensive options Outdated, unclear user interface.

Chrome Remote Desktop If you want to find an alternative to the TeamViewer remote function you do not have to resort to complex programs. The Google Chrome Remote extension is suitable for technical support as well as for private use. Advantages Disadvantages Simple installation Only works with a Google account Cross platform No web conferencing feature.

WebEx Meetings In , the telecommunications company, Cisco, took over the company, WebEx Communications, which then continued as a subsidiary and has since developed and distributed various software solutions for collaborations in companies.

WebEx Meetings: in the 'Meetings' section, you can organize spontaneous meetings or schedule conferences using the calendar feature. Advantages Disadvantages Clear, beginner-friendly user interface Free version only allows up to three conference participants Powerful Cloud infrastructure No application for desktop PCs can only be used via web application. LogMeIn Pro The basic concept of the cost-effective remote access tool, LogMeIn Pro , is to optimize the sharing of resources and make them available from anywhere without neglecting the aspect of safety.

In the user account management here in the browser interface , you can add as many users as you want to your LogMeIn account. Advantages Disadvantages Simple and versatile fee-based administration options No remote access function Data transmission protected by bit encryption Free version is heavily restricted. Advantages Disadvantages Data transmission protected by bit TLS encryption Only free for local, non-commercial networks Excellent audio and video quality Not an all-in-one solution.

Office Online. OneDrive with 1TB. Related products. View packages. Popular Articles Reasons to get your own email domain Create your personal email address with your own email domain to demonstrate professionalism and credibility How to switch domain providers Transferring an existing domain to a new hosting provider is easier than ever before. How do you buy a domain name? An easy step-by-step guide to getting your dream address Determining domain value This is how to find out how much your domain is worth Free e-mail providers Sending emails does not have to cost anything.

Enter the web address of your choice in the search bar to check its availability. Free version. Remote access. Chat feature. Conference feature. Special features. Ammyy Admin. Secure file transfer. Fast transfer rate. Chrome Remote Desktop. Browser extension. Simple and versatile administration possibilities.

LogMeIn Pro. High server security standard. Excellent audio and video quality. Runs on any HTML5- compatible browser. Open source. VNC Connect. Additional password protection for sessions possible. WebEx Meetings. Fail-safe Cloud infrastructure.

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