Woodsmith plans heavy duty workbench

woodsmith plans heavy duty workbench

A large, heavy-duty workbench that's easy to build. Combining traditional joinery and modern materials is the key. that makes it interesting. It's a blend of. HEAVY-DUTY WORKBENCH - Woodsmith Shop. Installing the vise this wayrequires a little planning. Beforeyou attach the edging, you'll needto rout a. Heavy-Duty Plank Workbench. A basic, stable workbench is a must for every shop. Building this bench won't break the bank, either. WINSCP ROOT FOLDER

We may receive commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Since you are an affiliate, you can use this url to link people to this page and get credited for it:. Premium Files You can download the additional shop drawings that you purchased using the link in this box. Shop Drawing. Materials list.

Sources for project supplies. Drilling Guide Shop now at Amazon. This allows the shelfto sit flush with the lower rails andhelps protect the edges of the MDFshelf. You can see this illustrated inFigure 3b. To get the cleats positionedcorrectly along the rail, I used a scrappiece of MDF as a spacer. Bottom Shelf. Thebottom shelf has to be cut to size,and the corners need to be notchedto fit around the posts, as shown inFigure 3a. Then, you can attach theshelf by installing screws throughthe cleats into the shelf.

Why MDF? For starters,it provides a smooth, flat surface. Andfinally, MDF is affordable. Four layers of MDF areused to create a thick top Figure 4. But not all the layers are full piecesof MDF. Only the two top layers arefull size. The bottom two layers aremade from pieces of MDF. The benchtop has fourlayers of MDF, keeping the top flatand giving it strength. Benchtop Assembly. Just like I builtthe base in sections, I also assembledthe benchtop in sections.

Thetop two layers were cut to size andthen glued and screwed together. In the same way, the bottom twolayers assembled from pieces were completed. The only trick here iskeeping all the edges flush. To seehow I did this, turn to Shop ShortCuts on page 7. And to provide a clean, finishedlook, this edging is wrapped aroundthe top with mitered corners. The challenge here is clamping theedging in place across the long top.

Installing a Vise. The workbenchis ready to use at this point. But tomake it even more versatile, youcan add a bolt-on vise like the oneshown on page 5. This type of vise only requiresfour lag screws to attach it to thebenchtop Figure 5a. Depending onthe size of the vise, you may have toinstall a spacer between the rear jawand the benchtop. The spacer keeps the metal edgeof the vise lower than the benchtop Figure 5a , preventing any interferencewith a workpiece or possibledamage to a tool.

I also added a set of wood faces tothe metal jaws. These faces providea more secure grip without damagingthe workpiece. To learn more abouthow to do this, see the box below. Your new workbenchis ready for many years ofserious woodworking. Optional Vise Mountinga. Another way to mount a woodworkingvise is to bury the rear jawbehind the edging, like you see inthe above photo.

This allows youto clamp long pieces flat againstthe front of the workbench. Installing the vise this wayrequires a little planning. The final detail is to add a woodface to the front jaw. To matchthe look of the edging, the thicknessof the wood face is the samethickness as the edging. The faceis also longer in order to providemore clamping surface againstthe edge of the bench.

Shop Short CutsBuilding a Large BenchtopA large, heavy-duty workbench canpresent a couple big challenges —building the layered top and thenadding the edging. Layering the Top. The trick with thetop is keeping all the layers flushwith each other as you glue themup. I started by cutting the top twolayers to final size. Then, afterclamping them together with theedges flush, I pre-drilled all ofthe holes for the screws.

With the screw holes complete,you can separate thetwo layers and spread onsome glue. A slow-set glue worksbest here. To build up the other layers, Ifollowed a similar process. First, Iglued up and installed the two longstrips along the outside edges of thetop.

Then, I sized a filler block to fitin between, gluing and screwingthem in place. Be sure to stagger thescrews to avoid interfering with thescrews in the top. Add the Edging. My problemwas none of the clamps I hadspanned the length of the top. For my top, I tried somethingdifferent above photo. But the vise I used tocomplete the project is a 9" quick-releasewood vise from Rockler. For the finish, I used a stain mixtureof 8 oz.

Woodsmith plans heavy duty workbench vnc server service start failed woodsmith plans heavy duty workbench

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Build your own workbench from our step-by-step woodworking plans. If you're looking for an heirloom quality bench or an easy-to-build, DIY workbench that you can build in a weekend, you'll be sure to find the project plans to suit your needs.

Plus, get storage solutions that can help you free up space in your workshop. This handy pair of roll-around carts can link together to form an assembly table for your shop. Raise your work to a whole new level. This vise provides a solid grip and all-around access. This traditional design is as useful today as it was years ago.

With solid construction and two vises, there isn't a task this classic workbench can't handle. This workstation has it all — a space-saving, fold-down workbench, easy-access tool rack, and a wall-mounted cabinet. A large worksurface, plenty of storage options, and traditional looks make this bench the ideal setup for a workshop or hobby room. Position a workpiece exactly where you need it with this versatile vise.

The quick-change design allows for mounting multiple accessories. With this multi-use, compact workbench, you can raise any project to a comfortable working height easily and safely. A basic, stable workbench is a must for every shop.

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Woodsmith Shop: 601 Workbench Basics - Preview

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