Manageengine servicedesk license expired

manageengine servicedesk license expired

ManageEngine indicates that free edition does not expire, and this is what I expect. Regards,. Davis Onsakia. I have installed the SDP trial version and license expired on 2nd October. I requested for extension of license to evaluate and present the SDP to our. The License Expiry Alert shows the number of days for the existing license (or the trial version) to expire. If you wish to renew the license, then a renewal. MYSQL WORKBENCH CONNECTION REMOTE DATABASE EXPERTS Manageengine servicedesk license expired garage workbench on casters


How do I apply the license if ServiceDesk Plus service is down due to license expiry? As the current license is expired we wont be able to login in to the ServiceDesk Plus to apply the new license. This can be accomplished by applying the license from the backend in the Server,. I would like to delete the default administrator account as it takes up a license? How do I go about it? I have recently purchase Dell Optiplex workstations and I would like to add the monitors of these workstations as additional assets and then add them to each workstation.

However, I have a license that supports only assets. What can I do in this situation? Can I add the monitors to the workstation as Asset Component? I'm using the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus and I'm unable to find the select languages option in Personalize link. Do I require a separate license to avail this feature? While performing a Domain scan, I receive 'License maxed out' error message.

How do I know how many IT assets are already there in the system? What happens when all licenses including the default IT license expires? What will be the status of a service desk instance once a license is applied? Can I set a service desk instance to "Retired" Status? What happens when the license expires? Can you please explain the licensing structure for an ESM setup?

Can we share a license be shared between the instances? For example, if I have a professional license for 10 technicians, can it be shared between IT service desk 6 technicians and Facilities service desk 4 technicians Does the license need to have a unique name for each instance like in cloud? How many service desk instances can be created? A maximum of 15 instances can be created. You can contact our sales team sales manageengine. ManageEngine will ship only one license for all the help desks.

Each help desk along with its technician and assets will be listed as components. Upon license expiry, the OrgAdmin can approach our Sales team to extend, upgrade, or purchase a new license. Instances once retired cannot be moved to active production. All new service desk instances will have the Enterprise edition by default.

While on a trial license, you can add upto two technicians for the new instances. Make sure you have the OrgAdmin access. Use the License Tab on the top right corner to apply the license. Choose the appropriate license against the corresponding instance and save.

An OrgAdmin can change the license allocation. Go to the license tab on the top right corner Edit the instance license which needs to be corrected from the license drop-down Choose Dissociate License. Now this license can be applied to any other instance. Now go to the License Tab on the top right corner and select Dissociate License for the HR instance to free up the used license.

Now click the license drop-down against the Facilities Instance, choose the corresponding license, and click Save. Default IT instance will be moved to Standard free Edition. Other instances will go into the Read-Only mode, setting all instances to "License Expired" status. Only the OrgAdmin will have access to apply licenses. Once a license is applied for an instance, the status of the instance will be reverted to the previous status, i.

Since the base service desk instance is IT, it is mandatory to apply a license for the IT instance and perform general operations. Then, you will have to purchase two licenses, one each for two instances.

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